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Assortment of personal VR paintings and explorations created over the past few years. All works were done by Nick Ladd entirely in Quill. These works can be found in 3D on Sketchfab.

VR painting by Nick Ladd of Gare Pincourt Train station
VR painting mars nick ladd Quill
VR painting Quill mermaid underwater Nick Ladd


The following pieces are works made by Nick Ladd based on illustrations/animations by other artists.  They push the envelope of what a Quill piece can look like.  They are all fully 3D models showing the vast diversity of styles that can be achieved using Quill when coupled with talented, professional art designers.

Batman by Gop Gap remade in VR 3D Quill by Nick Ladd
ROOT characters by Kyle Ferrin remade in 3D VR using Quill by Nick Ladd
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