My name is Nick Ladd, I’m a Canadian VR artist and animator. Most of my work is made in Virtual Reality using an Oculus Rift with software such as Quill and AnimVR. I have studied both 3D Animation and 2D Illustration and have found that VR tools are a perfect bridge between the two.

I strive to explore and discover all of the possibilities within this new medium and help introduce it to the world. I have produced several guides and tutorials to help new users and am always eager for opportunities to introduce/teach people about this new way to create. 

Clients include: Facebook, Nickelodeon, TEDtalks Conferences/Colours & Shapes, National Film Board, Monstercat, Gunner Animation, The Arcadia Games and more!

Services include: VR Painting, VR Animation, Concept art, Art Direction, Workshops, etc

Awards: Winner of the 2018 Rookie of the Year competition (VR category), Over 15 Sketchfab Staff Picks