VR painting is an exciting new way to create. It combines 2D art with 3D art by allowing you to draw 3D strokes in the air around you. These strokes can be, recoloured, posed, distorted and even animated on a frame-by-frame basis like stop motion. The colours are achieved using vertex colours and the scenes can be imported into other software like Maya, Unity or Unreal. 
(Character in upcoming scenes was originally designed in 2D by artist Joe Sparrow)

       My primary tool is Quill which features a robust set of tools and features like layers, selection tools, and an animation toolkit. Because it's all in VR you can walk around your own scenes and explore. The scale of the scenes is nearly limitless allowing you to work as big or as complex as your imagination will allow.

       Although the final results may look simple and low-poly they are actually quite complex. Each stroke is it's own piece of geometry following a spline. When lighting is added to a scene it begins to expose the true nature of a VR painting. The results can often be beautiful in their own way.

       The final results can be stunning 3D animated scenes that have qualities of 2D, 3D and even stop-motion animation. If you are a school or a studio that is interested in learning more please feel free to reach out for a potential workshop, demo or tips.